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PrEP, otherwise known as Truvada, is a preventative medication used to greatly reduce a patient's risk of contracting HIV from a positive partner. The medication works by building up in your system over time and must be taken every day to be effective. It is recommended for individuals who are vulnerable, such as those with many partners of unknown status or a positive partner who has not yet reached undetectable status. 

Taking PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, requires regular blood tests every three months. It can only be prescribed by a healthcare provider. We can provide additional information about PrEP at our testing location. Below are links to a number of clinics and other facilities in San Antonio who can assist you in seeing if Truvada is right for you and getting you on the medication. 

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The Care Clinic at SAAF

818 E. Grayson Street, 78208

(210) 225 - 4716

CentroMed Santa Rosa

Amanda Miller, PA-C

315 N. San Saba #103, 78207

(210) 738 - 8222

Appointments only

University Health System FFACTS Clinic

527 N. Leona, 3rd Floor, Building A, 78207

(210) 358 - 3710

Appointments only

SA Infectious Disease Consultants

150 E. Sonterra Bld #170, 78258

(210) 481 - 2800

Appointments only--requires referral from your primary care physician