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Party + Play

It’s no surprise that straights and gays alike know that if you’re looking for a good time on a Saturday night, the best destination is the gay bars. That’s because we know how to do it right: great tunes, lots of dancing and, of course, drinks. For all the good times those beers might lead us to, they can get us into trouble, too.

The benefits of intoxication are obvious: an altered state of mind, more limber legs for dancing, increased self-confidence, a chance to let loose, and an excuse to get laid. Many of us may get our drink on, before we get our kink on because getting drunk can make us more willing to approach that cute guy across the room. And while we might want that to lead to something more intimate, it might accidentally lead to unsafe or risky sex. If you find your legs up in the air, without protection between that dick and your hole, there may be consequences to pay. It’s important to think about the kind of sex you want and don’t want before you get drunk or high. So guys, whether you are at a gathering at home, out at a club, or another function where there may be alcohol or other substances-- listen up on how to make sure the night ends the way you want it to.

Mixing Alcohol and Sex

Think about it: In a sober state, you know it is wrong and extremely dangerous to drink and drive. Yet, once we are under the influence of a substance, those risks don’t seem to matter as much. That’s how we end up with so many DUIs , accidents, and deaths.

Using drugs and having sex can be just as risky. Only instead of forgetting to buckle your seatbelt, you’re neglecting to protect your, "goods and services!" You can’t always tell if the person you are going home with at the end of the night is negative just by looking at them. This in turn leads to a next morning of possible panic, paranoia, and urgency to take STI, HIV, and pregnancy tests.

With just a little thought and planning, we can be more proactive, less reactive, and happier in the morning. Here are some ideas on ways to get your drink on and your kink on safely.  

Condoms, condoms everywhere. Before leaving the house, put at least two new condoms in your pocket or in your purse. That way if the occasion calls for one, you are ready to go.

Stay away from the edge. SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! NOT! Reducing the amount of alcohol you ingest may help. Whether that means not taking shots because you know what Tequila does to you or it means have one or two fewer drinks.

Water is your friend. Drinking a glass of water in between drinks will prevent you from getting trashed and will help with that hangover.

Be prepared. Have you heard about the female condom? It is definitely an empowering game changer: you can put it on before you go out! Click here for information on the female condom. The female condom can also be inserted anally as well to be prepared before you go out.  

Don’t be a one man wolf pack. Go to places with friends or people you are comfortable with to so they will look out for you.

Commit. Have sober you teach drunk you to love and use condoms. Make a commitment to yourself before you leave the house that you will only have sex that you are comfortable with. Don’t let being drunk be an excuse for having unsafe sex.

Everything but... Opting for only non-penetrative sex is also a fun and safe way to play with your partners. Check here for some fun options that won't put you at high risk for HIV infection. 

Stay safe. Don’t take drinks or other substances from just anyone. Make sure whatever you are sipping or inhaling is coming from a reliable source.