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Open Relationships

As humans, our tastes and behaviors tend to evolve over time. The same is true in a relationship. An open relationship may bloom in time from a monogamous one, or partners may enter into a new relationship and negotiate their being open. You can read more about polyamorous relationships, or relationships involving more than two partners, here. Whether it is having sex outside the relationship or inviting someone in, the boundaries in place are really up to the involved individuals.

Like a good Boy Scout, it’s important to always be prepared. If you do choose to keep an open door in your relationship it’s good you know what you are getting into, especially in terms of your safety. Each new partner you invite into your life has their own sexual history and could introduce new things you may not want to share.  Here are a few other things you might want to bring up with your partner:

  • Is there enough trust and honesty between partners for an open relationship?
  • Do you and your partner share or go off and “explore” on your own?
  • How much of the 411 do you want to know about your partner’s experiences and vice versa?
  • How will you ensure that each of you will be practicing safe sex ?
  • What happens if one partner becomes jealous?

You can read thoughts and discussion from other polyamorous couples and curious individuals here at the r/Polyamory subreddit. Remember these are not professional opinions and you should heed with caution!