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Just the Tip

These activities carry low risk for HIV infection, but might put you at risk for other STDs or maybe just a little bit of pain. They are usually preludes to penetration, but if you don’t know your partner’s status, you might want to make this the end-game. You can always come in and get tested by the Use Me team before you go all the way! Remember that once you’ve started the “just the tip” game, it’s nearly impossible to go back.

BDSM (Bondage, Discipline and Sado-Masochism): All forms of applying pain with sex. Intense sensory stimulation using metal rods, piercing, electricity, heat, instruments, and bondage. It’s safe as long as you don't share semen or blood, and neither of you get physically injured. There are lots of resources online for different kinks and how to play safely. The motto of many Dominants and submissives is, "Safe, Sane, Consensual." Safe words should always be organized in advance.

Foreplay: An act that creates sexual desire, interest, stimulation or arousal. Kissing, touching, embracing, nibbling or sucking your partner. Don’t rush into penetration before you are both ready for it. The longer you tease each other, the bigger that orgasm is going to feel.

Anal Fisting: Inserting your hand and as much of your arm that you can get into a man’s butthole. With a lot of lube and gloves. There is no risk of HIV, but fisting carries risks of colorectal perforation and lots of pain.

Blow jobs: Taking a man's dick into your mouth. There is a very low risk of HIV infection, unless you have bleeding gums or scratches in your mouth. That’s why we remind you to spit or swallow. Still, using a condom is ideal if you want to prevent the spread of herpes, HPV or gonorrhea. Try flavored condoms for a delicious way to mix things up and stay safe. And don’t forget to reciprocate the favor!

Cunnilingus: Oral sex act performed on a female. Your mouth, lips and tongue stimulates the female's clitoris, vulva, or vagina. Maybe the vagina is an old friend of yours, who sometimes you reunite with. Or maybe you just try it out to remember it’s really not your thing. The technique takes a while to perfect, but an expert job will win you some major bonus points.

Rimming: Oral stimulation to the anus. This is not a risk for HIV transmission, but you can pass Hep A this way. The CDC recommends all children receive the vaccination (as of 2010) and it is recommended for adults who are traveling outside the country, as well as for all men who have sex with men. Ask your doctor how to get the vaccine. Brushing your teeth afterwards is encouraged.

69: Two mouths + two genitals = double the pleasure. Remember to use flavored condoms and dental dams to prevent transmission of STDs.