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Coming Out

Coming out is not a phase, a moment, or a day. Coming out is a process of trying to live every day exactly as yourself. 

Sometimes it’s hard because you’re not yet sure who you are or who you want to be. Sometimes it’s confusing because you have already been alive 50 years, and you thought you already knew yourself. Sometimes it’s challenging because you feel like you are the only one. Sometimes it’s scary because “Hispanic” and “gay” don’t seem to go together.  

But being you will always pay off in the end. Because it's a relief when you're pulled into a hug. It's a joy to be comfortable honest with one another. It's a bonding experience to share trust. It's heartwarming to know you're supported and loved. It's a victory to finally come forward. It's a lifelong process, but it can bring you great joy. And as you grow into yourself, it gets easier.

Check out some of the sites below for support. Talk to the Use Me team. We’re here to help and we can help connect you to the support you need. And when you are getting ready to strut your stuff in the world, we'll help you prepare.

Pride Center San Antonio
 - Located at 1002 N. Flores St. The center provides peer support groups and other services. 

It Gets Better - A website devoted to letting people tell their stories about being LGBT. Here you can listen to people’s stories, and post your own.

Post Secret - Thousands of people have written into Post Secret to share a secret they felt like they couldn’t tell anyone. New secrets are posted every Sunday.

Born This Way Foundation - Lady Gaga and her mother started the Born This Way Foundation to encourage people to be brave, be themselves and fight against bullying. - Allgo works to create and sustain a statewide network of queer people of color activists, groups, organizations and allies, which through nourishment of relationships, grassroots organizing and artistic expression can radically transform systems and policies toward a collective liberation.