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All the Way

For many, sex isn't sex without penetration. It feels good, but careful—it’s addicting. Any penetration is going to put you at high risk for HIV and every other STD.  That’s why we recommend using condoms, or being sure of your partner’s status.


Oral Sex: Mouth to penis or vagina. Not only is oral sex pleasurable but its also considered to be very low risk for HIV. However, someone can become infected with STDs while performing or receiving oral sex. Most people don't know flavored condoms exist just for this reason; they come in flavors from cherry to cola, so take some time and try them out with your partner till you find some you like.

Vaginal Sex: Inserting a penis in the vagina. Great if you pitch for both teams, but it’s not for everyone. Worldwide, it is the most common way HIV is passed. One must remember that tearing of the vaginal wall can take place from penetrative sex, which may increase your risk for HIV. Birth control will prevent pregnancy but not STDs; as only male or female condoms can prevent exposure to HIV and STDs. Lube makes sure the evening runs smoooothly. 

Anal: Inserting a penis or toy into the anus; having a guy fuck you in the ass.  If you love cumming from your prostate, there is no substitute. Without a condom, this is high risk for HIV transmission. Especially between two men, because HIV rates among men who have sex with men are the highest. Without lube, there can be tearing of the anus, or condom breakage, which will increase transmission rates.  The bottom--person who is penetrated--is always at higher risk for infection, however this does not mean that a top--person who penetrates--cannot become infected. Cuidado! 

Glory holes: A man places his penis through a hole in the wall.  We are all handsomer and thinner on the other side!  Not a big risk for oral sex (just remember to spit the cum or swallow), but very risky to go any further.

Party and play: Using alcohol, pot or other drugs during sex. Alcohol and mind-altering drugs can impair your judgment, which can lead to unsafe/unprotected sex.  The sex may be mind-blowing, but you are more likely to do something you might regret. Having trusted friends around can help keep you safe if you're too lit.


Bare-backing: Inserting your penis into a man’s ass without using a condom.  This is extremely risky at any time, especially if you are a bottom. Do you really know his status? Is it worth the risk? Get tested together before you try this.


Three-ways: For some of us, sex with one person is too vanilla. These can be hard to plan and tricky to maneuver through, especially if there are romantic feelings involved. More partners means more potential exposure and higher risk!